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LG appliance repairLG is the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical, power and medical equipment, as well as household appliances. Due to its development and technical solutions, household appliances have turned into digital devices connected to each other in a single network, easily manageable and programmable. LG activities are based on the principle of global knowledge exchange: with the LG Store system, all company structures receive equal access to technologies, markets, material and intellectual resources. Each new invention serves as a basis for new innovations and finds application in various fields of production. With extensive human resources, technical support services and advanced technologies, LG creates the best products for consumers in the industry.
The company quickly, efficiently and professionally eliminate any malfunction of your refrigerator. We perform repair and replacement of various electronic components: from the compressor and thermostat, to the evaporator. If the door is faulty, we will change the rubber of the seal, or, if necessary, we can easily outweigh it. Leaking Freon? It does not matter, our specialists will also be able to cope easily with this. If the problem is incomprehensible to you, then our experts will diagnose everything with a jeweler’s precision.
Our company works with any models and types of equipment, even such specific ones as refrigerators for storing fur products. All work is held at convenient time and at very competitive prices.

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