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The best dryer to buy | LG Repair in San Diego, CA
the best dryer repair san diego

If you buy a new household appliance, it is usually a long-term investment, whether you replace an old unit or set up a home for the first time.
Everyone desires to buy the most energy-efficient product.

But how to choose the best dryer? If you want to buy a dryer you should know the difference between the two types that are most commonly available: gas and electric.

Gas dryers use gas to create the heat, and electric dryers use electricity.

Both types use an electric fan to distribute the heat. And they require a steady stream of electricity, gas models are slightly more efficient.

Buying a clothes dryer may be a little tiring! Many models are available in both gas and electric types, and unlike nearly every other type of appliance at your chosen electronics or home store. Clothes dryers don’t display those ubiquitous Energy Star┬áplacards. It is a voluntary label that shows the most efficient appliances in each class, but since all dryers have similar energy requirements. As a result they don’t qualify for the program.

best dryer repair san diego

 Most gas models have an energy factor of about 2.67 and above. This is a rather high energy factor, but it’s a little less than electric models. 
 Gas dryers usually cost more up front, but they save money in the long run.

Each load of laundry will cost about twice as much as a gas dryer would cost. Electric dryer models cost a little less up front, though, and they’re often easier and less expensive to install.

Electric units usually remove moisture through condensation; that is, once the hot air collects moisture, it’s cooled, and the resulting water vapor ends up in a tank or tray that must be emptied periodically.

Appliance manufacturers have responded to the need (and the profit opportunity) for clothes dryers that can pose as a bit more green. High-end gas and electric models boast energy-efficient features such as sensors. Hence they shut off the machine when clothes are dry, and cool-down (or perma-press) cycles. At the end finish up nearly-dry clothes with a tumble through unheated air.

If you have any LG dryer repair problems, contact our repairman!

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